A tour deserving more than a 2-year awaited review.
I came to Moscow in May of 2017, and it was my last stop from four months of travel. I was not in the least disappointed and I know you won’t be either. Hence my dedication to review.
This was not the first tour I have taken, although the first in Russia. I’ve taken tours on buses, through museums, around city monuments, along rivers, and after a while- I don’t like to admit- they blur together. I am grateful for these past experiences, but I couldn’t help but feel I was playing “follow the leader”- the indistinct hustle of facts through headsets, the flying of triangular flags above group huddles. Despite previous experiences, I forewent my expectations and gave this 9-Hour Golden Ring Tour a go.
It was unforgettable, as the passing of two years have proved.
If you are into history and consider yourself a buff, Anton will supply you with dates, names, and monumental moments in the Soviet era. He’ll enlighten you with his knowledge and personalize your interests along the Golden Ring’s route. If important dates/names of history have a hard time sticking, like they do for me, I urge you to take this tour anyhow. I went for an experience and got the best of both worlds.
What I valued most, and the memories that continue to resurface- the ones that urge for a review that’s never too late to write- are of the times spent with Anton. I felt as a friend, sipping hot tea from a thermos along a stream, Anton conversing of architecture. We were a walking time capsule. We ate pastries of all varieties, painted iconic matryoshka dolls. Later, we relished in vintage toys and vinyl records at the Russian Village House, the owner reminding me of my own grandfather- jovial and delighted to impress our visit.
Among the tours that are fighting to rank in the tops of lists and first in searches, I hope you pick this one. It is regrettable I’ve waited so long to review, but I hope this length of time can prove this tour is indeed, a memorable one. Even if the stops have changed, I trust Anton’s enthusiasm to be long-lasting and shared among the making of friends to come.
So if you’re wondering, then yes, every cent and ruble was worth it.