Highly recommended bunker tour. I was truly mesmerized by the description of the tour, thought may be a bit too good to be true. I was wrong, Victor-our historian, was kind, knowledgable, fun and made the tour very interactive. It is an experince you won’t get in any museum, it is authentic and doesn’t compare to any artificially, built-for-the-public place. It is as real as a Russian WWII bunker can get. I’m not a huge history fan, let alone a war/Russia/WWII expert, but I still felt engaged throughout the tour and everything seemed to make perfect sense, all puzzle pieces fit in the picture. The tour is relatively new, therefore it doesn’t have many reviews and doesn’t get social media coverage, but let’s change that, because it is truly an unforgettable experience. I didn’t even mind the stairs (186 of them to be exact). Thank you again, please don’t change a thing! Thank