When my mom and I arrived in the countryside without people flooding in and out, we knew we were on the right track. The quietness, the trees, the grassland, the waters, flowers, the colorful houses, all ere very delightful. And Anton took us to some secret places which nobody else knows: the Memorial Children’s Garden makes us heartbreaking, while at the same time rejoicing with the new life it brings to people; the house of the famous writer who admired nature and live in the nature peacefully; the carpenter’s collection of the old traditional Russian wooden houses. We learnt a lot with our own eyes. The most impressive experience is the traditional Russian Tea Party. I owe my deepest gratefulness to Anton. We were supposed to have another experience which we have booked separately, Anton came back with a marvelous alternative, which it’s his first share of Russian Tea Party with foreigners! It’s a terrific experience, the hostess Lyudmila gave us not only the history of tea in Russia, the process of the Tea party and the interesting things, but also lots of passion and love. That’s something we would remember Russia for a life time ! I would very much recommend you to take the trip!