The best thing that I did in Moscow was to join Anton on a food walk through the white fairyland.I zeroed down on Moscow Food Tasting & Walking Tour for two reasons,one because they were rated very highly by discerning culinary travelers & secondly because Anton is a local who grew up in the areas that we would explore. You can book this tour online or Whatsapp them directly & book the tour like I did. Anton is a friendly,extremely knowledgeable,truly passionate about his culture & food. Since I was having difficulty in navigating myself around, he was very sweet & kind enough to pick me up from my hotel & even drop me back nearby.The stories that ensued from the hotel to the point where we would meet the rest of the group was enthralling.It was the most amazing experience as we walked through a snow covered fairyland talking about food In their description Anton asks you to come hungry as there will be 10+ tastings.I would recommend that you don’t eat at least a couple of days before taking this food tour as you will eating from the start to the finish. I loved each & every tasting, wouldn’t call it tasting as the portion sizes were quite big. The variety in the kind of food that you are taken through is simply amazing. Anton with a lot of vigour & pride show you his Moscow it’s and its culture & culinary traditions. From local markets to Anton’s favourite dessert to a special kind of honey spiced tea called Sbiten at a stunning monastery to tasting the sap of a birch tree to decadent local breads the list goes on & on.The finale to this food tour was equally fascinating. We raised a toast & burst sparklers or pencil fire crackers wishing each other Happy New Year. This experience I will surely remember for a long long time. I strongly recommend this Food Walk in Moscow with these super friendly, English speaking,food enthusiast who will show you around with loads of care & fill you with food & information.