We liked very much the gastronomic and touristic tour organised by Anton. The food that he selected for us was an exploration of the variety of Russian / provinces cuisines that revealed so much about Russian culture. The taste and variety of origine make you feel that you travel across time and space thanks to the rich explanations of Anton that is always ready to present and to give details about the traditional dishes. We loved the walk in the streets to find hidden places that only local Moscovite may know as for example the monastery canteen or the coffee/barber shop. Do not expect to sit down at one table and eat at a menu but be ready to walk (1/3 of the time) that is a reasonable to visit different places. Be ready to listen Anton that is so nice that you feel that you have known him long before the meeting. We would recommend that to Moscow visitors that want to open their mind to new culture and appetite for a new local experience.