We organized that tour from Australia well ahead of time, planning to have a day out of Moscow with big group of extended family and friends with teens as part of our New Year trip to Moscow. The communication with Moscow with Locals was excellent during the time since booking till the excursion day.
The actual day was organized very good, taken into account mixed group of adults, born in USSR and kids, born in Australia. Anton organized our activities to be suitable for all of us. As adults, we were enjoyed country side during winter and Monastery’s quietness and ability to jump to the cold “holy” water at one of the oldest Monasteries of Russia – Savva Storoghevskiy Man Monastery. That was the most amazing and nearly magical experience!
Kids were enjoyed of snow and treats Anton provide for us, including buisquits and Sbiten’. We also visited very interesting Museum of Russian desserts and learn a lot about ancient russian sweets; have a look on our past in the Museum of USSR and bought some yammie things to enjoy later.
In general we all agree that our tour to Zvenigorod with Anton was enjoyable and educational; well organized and unforgettable. We wish we would have more time there! We would recommend such trip to everyone wishing to see Russia’s country side.