Anton was a great guide to russian cuisine and we really enjoyed it! Make sure you dont eat beforehand because you get a lot of food.
We started out trying some russian breakfast cheesecake which antons wife had homemade (along with some russian cheese and yoghurt). This was followed up with a local international food market where we had some Georgian food (bread, cheese, tomatoes, fish and cavier) and another type of cuisine (I forget!) That included a pumpkin pancake and fudge type dessert.
We also had some different salads typical from the soviet union and tried some baked biscuits and a christmassy spiced drink at a monastery. This was all finished up with a selection of dumplings at a popular local shop.
All the food was delicious but anton also provided lots of background and history (particularly about food in the USSR) that was all fascinating. It was a great afternoon and also made us more confident to order russian food on our own.
We would definitely recommend taking antons tour 🙂