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Cold War Bunker Underground Experience

It is as real as a Soviet Post-WWII bunker can get. Be prepared for unexpected!

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Duration: 2 Hours
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Group Size: up to 12 people
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Hosted in English
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Tour times

Sunday 6:40 pm
Wednesday 6:40 pm – only in summers
Friday 6:40 pm – only in summers

What to Expect

Unique Bunker

You won’t get this experience in any museum, it is authentic and doesn’t compare to any built-for-the-public place. It is as real as a Soviet Post-WWII bunker can get.

This bunker declassified and opened just recently. It has been never renovated, so you’ll see it as it was built in the 1950s-early 1960s. This place still has a feel of a real thing and this is not pop music, this is Rammstein.

It is not an amusement park but a truly historical place. An authentic, unique experience and thought-provoking. A real treat to see some of this Soviet history.

A local guide – who is a historian – will explain you the logic behind the construction of bunkers in the Soviet Union and he will share some stories that will surprise you.

At the Bunker

Once in a lifetime experience

And then you are free to go deeper underground! No passenger elevators, just myriads of stairs – come prepared!

At the Bunker

Doors and tunnels

Inside the Bunker, you will explore dark tunnels of the Underground facility. You will see an active 10-tonne door that could protect the bunker against the shock wave of a nuclear strike as well as many other hermetic doors that separate parts of the object.

Interactive experience

On 50 meters deep you will research the areas around, technical rooms, storage facilities, the appendix, connected with metro and many more. It is an interactive experience so you can touch, push and pull all switches around.

Time for a movie

You will have a chance to watch a short movie, explaining the story of underground secure facilities in Soviet time.

Bring you camera

You will make a lot of photos, so don’t forget your smartphone and camera.

Touch everything

The bunker experience was designed in a way that you can touch everything!

Take your children with you

Absolutely all children and teenagers fall in love with this plase!


Entrance fee to the bunker
Professional historian guide

Not included:

Hotel Pickup or drop-off


Salem, VA, United States
June 2019

NOT to be missed!

Out guides led us to the Bunker in the middle of an ordinary-looking neighbourhood. What awaited behind the closed gate was anything BUT ordinary. Our guide was Viktor – young, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and passionate about what he shared. The tour (in English) was AMAZING! We never would have been able to do this on our own, yet it was a highlight of our 10 days in Moscow. Guests descend multiple flights of stairs to experience the inside of an actual Soviet bunker. As a child of the Cold War, this visit was sobering and mind-boggling. Everything was so incredible, it was difficult to absorb that it is the REAL thing. The information is fascinating, but Viktor allows his guests to EXPERIENCE the bunker. We were encouraged to open the blast doors, try the communication system, use a Geiger counter, and put on a gas mask and bodysuit. There’s even a short but good historical film. Photos are allowed and are priceless memories of an unforgettable excursion. Wear proper footgear and be ready for lots of stairs. But Bunker 703 is NOT to be missed! Thanks!!

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Cold War Bunker Underground Experience


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